World Santa Claus Congress

24th - 27th of July 2017

Participation is free

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580x510 workshop

The workshop monday night is arranged by Danish Santa Claus Guild. There will be professionally and social gathering - in plain-clothes - and opportunity to network. We encurage everybody no matter of nationalty to participate. 

Please note: The workshop is arranged by Danish Santa Claus Guild and there is a registration fee. The fee for the workshop in 2016 is not yet set - but it will be about 100 DKK per person



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24th - 27th July 2017
Dyrehavsbakken, Klampenborg

About Dyrehavsbakken

The worlds oldest amusement park Dyrehavsbakken is located north of Copenhagen in Klampenborg. Dyrehavsbakken is hosting the World Santa Claus Congres.

Visit us at:


Dyrehavevej 62, 2930 Klamenborg

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+45 3996 2083